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Tough Top Awnings - Replacement Fabric

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Compare to A&E and Carefree of Colorado!

In simple terms what is our RV Window Awning? An awning that is either electric or manual that extends over a window or an entry.

Tough Top RV window awning replacement awnings are made from the same high quality fabrics used on our slide out and
main (patio) awnings. Chose either 15oz or 18oz depending on your color needs. Our rv window replacement awnings come
with a 5” straight cut valance (let us know if you do not want a valance). We also offer a variety of different trim colors to “set off” the awning valance.

RV Window Awnings come in two basic configurations, Regular and Tall.

Regular RV Window Awnings
- Designed for windows up to 30” tall.
- Maximum “bead to bead” measurement is usually 27”

Tall RV Window Awnings
- Designed for windows over 30”
- Maximum “bead to bead” measurement is usually 39”

15oz. Colors: white, off-white, gray, black, sand, champagne, green, terracotta
*Colors may vary depending your computer monitor
*Our colors do not match A&E or Carefree. Contact us here for color samples

18oz. Colors: White and Sand. Please ask for color samples if you wish


checkmarkReady to buy? Here is your buying checklist:
Have these items ready to make buying fast & easy.

1. Awning Manufacturer: Dometic (A&E) or Carefree of Colorado?
A&E awning click here
Carefree awning click here

2. Do your have flexible metal weatherguard?
Not Sure? Click here

3. Fabric Size- (Width)

4. Awning "Bead to Bead" Measurement - (Measure with awning fully extended)
We need this so your new awning will match your current awning and your pull down and lock down straps will work.


Awnings over 27” bead to bead are considered Tall Awnings. RV OEM Awning manufacturers as well as some 3rd party manufacturers charge a substantial premium for their tall awnings. WE DO NOT! Our tall awnings are only $20 more than the regular.

Heavy Duty REGULAR Window Awnings

Heavy Duty
TALL Window Awnings





Please refer any questions on our Tough Top RV window awnings to Tyler at 360-980-0537 or tyler@toughtopawnings.com
HOURS OF OPERATION: M-F 8-5 Pacific Standard Time






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HOURS OF OPERATION: M-F 8-5 pacific standard time




For questions call Tyler at: 360.980.0537
or email Christie: christie@toughtopawnings.com
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