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What is the difference between our 15oz and 18oz fabric? It is the way the fabrics are designed, our 15oz heavy duty fabric is designed for slide toppers that get a lot of wind and rain. Our 18oz Coated vinyl has give to the material and isn’t as rigid as the 15oz fabric, so we only use it for patio awnings and slide toppers that get a lot of snow.

Oh No!!! I have lost the spring tension in my slide toppers, now what?  Add 13 to 15 full rotation to the roller tube before installing your new fabric as you can’t add spring tension to it after you install the fabric.  Note you want the spring tension in the roller tube to be tight but not too tight that it feels like you could lose control of it with 2 hands on the roller tube.

Why don’t we sew the edges of our exposed fabric?
2 Reasons.
#1 We don’t need to. The only reason someone would sew the edges is if they are afraid their fabric will come apart or rip.
#2 You don’t want the edges of your fabric to be ridged on the side. This allows the middle of the fabric to bellow in the wind causing unnecessary noise. You want your fabric to move unilaterally with the wind.

My fabric is sagging in the middle of my slide toppers making water pooling an issue. What can I do to fix this?  This is a design flaw many coach owners share and a fix isn’t always easy.  The first thing is check to see if your roller tube has a bend in it by measuring the distance of the roller tube from the edge of the slide to the center of the roller tube at the ends and the middle and even a quarter inch bend can cause sagging.  You can either replace the roller tube, and what to say it won’t happen again??? Or for a quick fix I use 3M insulation foam tape under the fabric on the metal of the roller tube where it is bend.  This will help add pressure to effected area.


If you don’t have a bend in your roller tube?  You can install a new rail to the coach about 1 to 1.5 inch above the rail that holds the fabric to the coach to add an incline to the fabric to ease the water pooling issue.

How do I measure?  Or can I just give you model numbers?  Unfortunately, model numbers would only help us if we needed to order new hardware.  When measuring the roller tube that the fabric can lay on from one side to the other, either inside the end caps or from the inside of the black cap and make sure to subtract 1.5” to give you a 3/4” clearance on each side.  This will be the measurement we will need to know to cut your new fabric custom for your slide topper.  When it comes to the depth of the fabric, measure the depth of the room from the side of the coach to the outside of the slide or if the slide is in just measure how deep it comes out from the inside.  This is the only measurement we will mess with.  We will add on extra fabric depending on how wide it is VS the depth to give you maximum spring tension with the appropriate amount for wrap around.  All other fabric are cut to the same depth and this consideration is not given, it is just a mass produced practice, that we avoid.

On our Patio awning, we don’t have the small hole in the left side to stick a screw driver in like your video shows. What do we do?  If you don’t have the small hole you will have a hole the runs the length of the roller tube on the side of the end cap that is also, used to install a new pull strap.  I stick a long thin screw driver in this channel to act the same as a stick in the wheels of a tire to prevent the assist spring on the left side of a patio awning from unwinding before I remove the fabric and hardware from the side of the coach.

Why isn’t your fabric stitched on the sides?  We have never needed to.  We only use high quality fabrics that we have received from the same manufacturer for the last 10 years, and have a strict quality control over our fabric.  My option on side stitching is that is add rigidity to the side of the fabric and can make water pooling easier.

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