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Tough Top Awnings - Replacement Fabric

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This fabric panel inserts into your main pull down patio awning to extend and add some privacy to your outdoor living.
By inserting our custom made privacy panel into the same slot that holds your pull strap when your awning is deployed and securing it with the grommets on the bottom you can extend your outdoor living space.

They also, don’t need to be removed at the end of the day.  They will roll up inside the awning and be ready for your next cook out or just a relaxing day at the campsite.

Fabric Specifications:

- Coated Heavy Duty Vinyl* (One piece...Will not delaminate)
- Fabric Weight – 18oz.
- Our Beading is sewn in place with marine grade stitching
- UV and mildew resistant (Please see warranty details)
- All weather- Colors: white, light gray, black, tan, forest green



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For questions call Tyler at: 360.980.0537 or email Christie: christie@toughtopawnings.com
HOURS OF OPERATION: M-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time




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