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Tough Top Awnings - Replacement Fabric

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Tough Top Awnings - Replacement Fabric Slideout Awning

Carefree of Colorado made a style of awnings called Omega from 1999 to 2005.During that time they had 3 styles Omega 1 and Omega 2 with Valance and Omega 2 without Valance. Omega was a hybrid of slide topper and window cover in one.  So, it acted like a regular slide topper but you could unlock it once the slide was extended and it would come down to cover
the window.

The fabric varies greatly on the models.  The earlier Omega 1 was made with an acrylic fabric and later models of the Omega 1 was made with a small strip of vinyl then it attached to the remainder of the fabric was acrylic.  The Omega 2 was primarily made of a light weight vinyl fabric. 50% of customers all agree that the window option is something they don’t use.  This is where we can make them a regular slide topper and then they wouldn’t have the pull down window option after replacing it.

Others believe it is an added benefit to have it and we will replace the whole thing with or without the valance. The distinct look of the Omega is the arms that attach the roller tube are shaped like a question mark. As this product has been discontinued for 10 years, parts are impossible to find and finding a fabric replacement is either us or Carefree.

Bead to bead measurement under 55 inches

white, off-white, gray, black, sand, champagne and green

Bead to bead measurement over 55 inches
white, gray, black, sand and green

Valance highlight colors: brown, tan, white, blue, green, black or maroon


checkmarkReady to buy? Here is your buying checklist:
Have these items ready to make buying fast & easy.

1. Slide Out Depth and Width - Measure the width of the fabric and the depth of the fabric from bead to bead. 

2. Does your awning have a flexible metal weatherguard? yes or no


** We don’t do scalloped valance edges **


Carefree Omega Awning WITH VALANCE



Carefree Omega Awning WITHOUT VALANCE







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For questions call Tyler at: 360.980.0537
or email: aaachristie@toughtopawnings.comaaa
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