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Tough Top Awnings - Replacement Fabric

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Do it Yourself Installation Guide

You may be wondering... CAN I DO THIS? My answer may surprise you. The mere point of you asking the question leads me to believe you can do it. The fact is if you had a serious laundry list of fears and reservations...you wouldn't even consider doing it.  It's natural to have some reservations. Guess what??? So did I when I did my first slideout awning installation.  But I was at ease because I was working with an experienced RV technician who had been through it before.  And the same is true for you.

This reminds me of a recent phone call.  A prospective customer was on our website wondering if this was "over his head". "I read your installation instructions," he said, "went out to my 5th wheel, looked it over,  and 15 minutes later my worn out awning was on the ground."

  1. Our customers find our installation instructions very detailed and we're adding visual aids all the time.
    And if you get hung up on an issue, just give me a call. Truthfully, A&E installations
    are very straight forward. Carefree of Colorado require some extra steps.

Ig.V. from California writes:
“I just want to thank you,  the awning fabric fits perfectly and the directions were right on the money. I will keep you in mind the next time I need something. Thanks again and I really appreciate your help.”

Here's an abridged version of changing out your A&E rv slideout awning material:

            1.   Unwrap fabric from roller tube and pin the tube
            2.   Remove any screws in the awning rail on your RV which may be securing the fabric
            3.   Pull off your old awning
            4.   Prepare channel on the RV and the roller tube for your new awning.
            5.   Slide new awning into rail on RV and rail on roller tube
            6.   Remove pin from roller tube

Complete A&E Replacement Fabric Installation Instructions

There you have it.  When we started selling on-line we too were concerned whether the fabric installation would be an issue, but our fears were dispelled in only a few months. You've heard of "Yankee Ingenuity". Let me assure you it is still "alive and well" in this great land of ours. We all know if there is a will... there is a way and with RV  Dealer service shop rates at $100/hr   people are setting their mind to "git r done."I've even talked to a few women who after visiting with me were ready to inform their husbands they "were going to do it themselves."


But let's face it. Not everyone is mechanically inclined or some won't give themselves the benefit of the doubt...and that's ok. I've helped those folks also...and I've gotten them through it.  I had a customer in Colorado who didn't consider himself to be mechanical, and was upset that we didn't have more photos for him. (Truth be told I too was upset that we didn't have more photos but web issues such as these are easier said than done). After what I am sure was painful deliberation, he ordered. He received his awning, gave me one phone call on an issue in which he was confused, and later I received an e-mail from him stating that all went well. And now with one installation under his belt I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

M.A. from Massachusetts wrote:
“I put the new awnings on. It was a snap. Your directions were very easy and complete. The awnings look great.”
Thanks again!

Most of the installations I do are for senior citizens and I don't want anyone on a ladder that shouldn't be there. Those on a strict budget might consider a younger family member, relative, or kind neighbor to come to your aid.   Have them look at our detailed instructions and leave it up to them.  


HOURS OF OPERATION: M-F 8-5 Pacific Standard Time

For questions call Tyler at: 360.980.0537
or email Christie: christie@toughtopawnings.com